Prior to her 2014 debut album, Bury Me at Makeout Creek, Mitski Miyawaki’s primary instrument was the piano. As a studio composition major in college, she showcased her mastery of the instrument by playing it on the two records self-produced records accompanied by a massive orchestra comprised primarily of other students.

These were well before the days she started playing around with a guitar. However, it seems her skills have only grown finer over the years as she once again assumes her place behind the keys for her fifth studio album, Be the Cowboy. If we are being honest here, we simply cannot get enough of this record as it displays the artist’s skills and her mastery of song structure.

If nothing else, Be the Cowboy shows Mitski’s ability to give shape to an idea as shown by the great songwriting and the vivid imagery they evoke. While making the most of the pop conventions we have come to love, she brings to the table something more knotty and introspective.

Needless to say, we highly recommend that you give this record a listen.