Sasami Ashworth was once the keyboardist for the L.A. indie rock band Cherry Glazerr. Now, she is focusing on creating her own music and establishing herself as a solo artist. Her first EP is entitled Callous, and contrary to its title, this record brings with it a lot of emotions.

A self-proclaimed synth queen, Sasami’s skill as a multi-instrumentalist is virtually undeniable. This becomes readily apparent in the record as she showcases her ability to create a unique and memorable sound. However, the scene stealer and the most memorable aspect of the record simply has to be its lyricism and the beauty of Sasami’s songwriting.

The word Callous becomes a complicated word for this record. Not only does it refer to the toughened bit of skin, but it also refers to how relationships can easily fall apart. The very use of the words exudes emotion. One cannot help but be moved as the song chronicles her self-sacrifice, her heartbreak, and her ultimately tragic love affair.

Callous is a debut that is worth listening to. From its atmospheric sound to its painful lyrics, we highly recommend that you add it to your playlist.